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  • Object Booking System  v.1.0The Object Booking System will be a booking system for many different types of objects including computers, rooms, services, cars/vans etc...
  • Open Source Hotel Booking System  v.1.0A focused, usable hotel booking system written in Java, Spring MVC (2.5) and Hibernate. The system allows hotel owners to describe their hotel, manage their bookings, and most importantly enable real time booking over the internet.
  • Online Courier Booking  v.4.5Web-based courier management system. This software is suitable for couriers, messengers, trucking and delivery companies. If you already have your own webpage you can add our online booking system to your own webpage.
  • Transport Booking System  v.4.2This software allows an independent companies to implement an online reservation system through their website without significant investment in a large, complex tailored system.
  • Online DVD rental system and video rental software  v.2.3Online rental system and offline video rental store processing, Rental system and shop module, Pay per rent rental application and subscription based rental solution, Whole automation of rental business + payment gateway supported, Free live time ...
  • Massage and Chiropractic Booking System  v.4.1Web-based software for massage therapists and chiropractors.
  • Gliding Booking System  v.1.0Online website for members to register to fly with a gliding club. Allows for booking of passener flights. Can be used for other booking applications by altering the language file. Highly customisable. Writen in PHP with a SQLite ...
  • Reservit Resource Booking System  v.303Reservit is a web-based system for reserving and booking computers and other resources, for example in a library or computer lab ...
  • MDA Booking System - ITPR7.500 - 2007  v.1.0Student development project: Design and build a Booking and Scheduling System for student project, based on fictional business entity.Written using VisualStudio.Net and SQL Server.
  • HRCS (hospital room control system)  v.20060917HRCS (Hospital romm control system) is a system for remote operator monitoring of hospital rooms.HRCS supports serial or TCP/IP communication.HRCS is based on the linux kernel and is the only one process running in the ...
  • Online Planetary Gaming System  v.1.0We are developing a gaming engine that can be used for either online planetary based strategy games , backend systems for Torque based games or online planetary/resource based gaming leagues.
  • Online Primary Education System  v.1.0A new method of teaching primary students. Which includes gaming technologies to produce an interaction between student and computer. The system will allow a student to progress at their on pace, instead of a pace set by a classroom instructor.
  • CarShare Booking System  v.1.0CarSharing System. This system will hanbdle the scheduling, invoicing, member management and administrative requirements for a car sharing system. It is specifically designed for sharing of vehicles, and includes fleet management applications.
  • Ski Club Booking System  v.1.0A system for creating and administrating membership and bookings of a ski club.
  • Grond Online Marketing Tracking System  v.1.0This Internet application allows a company with several projects and several executives to track what each one is doing, via an online interface.
  • Coach Booking System  v.alphaThis will allow a coach operator to be able to book out coaches to shows and other events. To be able to do all the business need for that company. This will be a vb 6 program. I want it to be able to do the books coach plans and be able to plan the ...
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